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Kacher Manush Bengali movie (2022) Cast, Review, Release Date, Trailer, Story, IMDb Watch Online

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The trailer of the Kacher Manush Bengali movie (2022) will be released this August 26, 2022.  The release date for the Kacher Manush Movie is September 30, 2022. Prosenjit Chatterjee, Dev, Ishaa Saha, Susmita Chatterjeeplay, and Ranjit Mallick are the main characters in the movie. Pathikrit Basu is the director of this Movie. Only certain audience segments are targeted by this Movie. Kacher Manush Bengali movie and other online series are coming soon to IMDb App.

Kacher Manush Bengali movie
Kacher Manush Bengali movie

Kacher Manush Bengali movie Story

We will now inform you about the Kacher Manush Movie. Watching the trailer of the movie we can clearly know Part one is the story of life and death. In the beginning, says your death is my life. Life and death – these two words are two realities. Dav says if we make mistakes, we can punish ourselves. Prasenjit says that guilti plus depression equals this train line, Prosenjit was a life insurance agent. Isha says that only money cant’s keep you happy. Dev and Isha’s love story has left a mark in the minds of the audience. The design of the Kacher Manush poster very attracted people more. The main conflict in the story is what happens next. On the IMDb app, you may download the Movie Kacher Manush.

Kacher Manush Bengali movie (2022) screenshot

Kacher Manush Bengali movie
Kacher Manush Bengali movie

Kacher Manush Movie Basic information

Kacher Manush Bengali movie
Kacher Manush Bengali movie

Kacher Manush Movie Star Cast Name

  • Prosenjit Chatterjee
  • Dev
  • Ishaa Saha
  • Susmita Chatterjeeplay
  • Ranjit Mallick

Production Companies of Kacher Manush Movie

Dev Entertainment Ventures Pvt Ltd


FAQ for Kacher Manush Bengali Movie

Can Kacher Manush be watched with Family?

Yes, you watch this Movie with your family as it’s totally action, drama, and fantasy Movie

Kacher Manush will be released on which ott platform?

IMDb, also Cinema Hall.

What is the star cast of the Kacher Manush Movie ?

Prosenjit Chatterjee, Dev, Ishaa Saha, Susmita Chatterjeeplay, Ranjit Mallick

When will the movie be released Kacher Manush ?

September 30, 2022


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