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Mohan Chabhiwala Web Series (Ullu Web Series) Cast, Review, Release Date, Story, Upcoming Movie & Web Series Watch Online

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Mohan Chabhiwala Web Series and other online Free Ullu Web series from the upcoming Ullu App web series were released on YouTube. Today, a trailer for Mohan Chabhiwala from the upcoming Ullu App web series was released on YouTube. The release date for Mohan Chabhiwala is March 7, 2023. Now here we are going to tell you all the information about the Mohan Chabhiwala web series. Gaurav (Chabhiwala), IshikaBose (Ritika), Ekta (Kanta), Dilip Dubey (Vijay), and more play the main character in the web series. Only certain audience segments are targeted by this web series. Mohan Chabhiwala and other online series are coming soon to Ullu App.


Mohan Chabhiwala Web Series Story

All information about Mohan Chabhiwala will be found here. The release date for Mohan Chabhiwala is March 7, 2023. The director of this web series is Punit Goyal. The story begins with a young couple arriving at their old home. Behind every locked door is a dark secret hidden, and Mohan chabiwala holds the key to every such door. Mohan works as a key maker, and in the process of doing so, he unravels some dark secrets of the women for which he works and then blackmails each one of them to get his s*xual desires fulfilled. All episodes of the web series Mohan Chabhiwala may be seen online starting on March 7 th on the Ullu App.

Mohan Chabhiwala Ullu Web Series

Mohan Chabhiwala Web Series Basic information

  • Content-Type – This is a Drama and romance 18+ web series
  • Release Date – March 7, 2023
  • OTT Platform Name – ULLU
  • Director – Punit Goyal
  • Cast – Gaurav (Chabhiwala),IshikaBose (Ritika),Ekta (Kanta),Dilip Dubey (Vijay) and more
  • Language– Hindi,
  • Subscription – Paid

Mohan Chabhiwala Web Series Star Cast Name

  • Gaurav (Chabhiwala),
  • IshikaBose (Ritika),
  • Ekta (Kanta),
  • Dilip Dubey (Vijay) 

FAQ for  Mohan Chabhiwala web series

Can the Mohan Chabhiwala web series be watched with Family?

No, you can’t watch this web series with your family as it’s totally an a*ult web series. It contains n*dity, s*x references, and strong language. On ULLU it is rated A means it is an ad*lt show.


Where to watch  Mohan Chabhiwala web series?

You can watch  Mohan Chabhiwala series on the OTT platform ULLU.

When will the  Mohan Chabhiwala Web Series be released?

Mohan Chabhiwala Web Series was released on March 6, 2023.

What is Cast name of  Mohan Chabhiwala web series?

Gaurav (Chabhiwala),IshikaBose (Ritika),Ekta (Kanta),Dilip Dubey (Vijay).


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